Sunday, August 31, 2008

I hope I never do this...

I'm afraid that one day I might accidentally hurt someone that I didn't mean or want to hurt. Okay, maybe I did want to hurt them because they were making me mad and I knew I'd regret it if I did, but I did it all on impulse. And this would have occurred because I would have just snapped after suppressing years of violent feelings because "that's just not like me at all."

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Weird Morning

Before I woke up this morning I was having a dream about...something that I can't remember except that it included chanting. Me and this other person were chanting something that sounded like "Baaaaad...baaaaad!" or else we were bleating like sheep. It took me a few minutes to realize that what I was hearing was actually my alarm clock sounding off. That must be what the experts call "incorporating outside noises."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ooh. Music!
Now that is a name I could get used to! This is a really cool site where you can make as many radio channels, based on the name of an artist or a song, as you want. In these radio channels you give the songs they play to you a thumb-up or a thumb-down depending on whether you liked the song.
I think my favorite radio channel is based on t.A.T.u. because I give the songs on there more thumb-ups than downs.
I was introduced to this site when I was sitting next to my gothy-looking guy-friend in the computer lab at my school. I was immediately hooked after I looked at it once!

Starting off at a crawl

Hello everybody. This is my first ever blog. It's called "Take a Chill Pill." Oh gee, even I should have known that! I don't really know much about blogging so I'm learning as I go.
I'd like to say that I have a sense of humor, which I do, but half the time the people I use it on either don't get it, it goes right over their heads, or they get really irritated because I used my sense of humor at the wrong time. I suppose that's why I named my site "Take a Chill Pill."
I'll be posting whatever I find interesting on this blog, and I usually find at least 5-10 things almost every day when I'm using StumbleUpon.